WELCOME! My name is Marisa and I am the founder of Pro Face Painting!

I am a professional face painter in the Philadelphia area.

Book your next party 1-2 months in advance!! We book up FAST!

Email ProFacePaintingOrg@gmail.com to reserve your date & time!


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  1. Marisa is truly an inspiration. Her lifestyle has proven that it truly works miracles for all. I have decided to change my lifestyle because of her words of knowledge and wisdom. Her personality will continue to win over many new faces along with her voice that will lead others into realizing that the raw life is the true way to live. I am blessed to have Marisa in my life !


  2. Attended a support group at Arnold’s Way the other night. Marisa was the guest speaker. So impressed with her knowledge and expertise. Not only does she have so much valuable information, she was raised holistically and lives and breathes the raw food lifestyle. Learned so much from her talk and You Tube videos. Gotta check the one out about natural beauty products. Can’t wait to try them all. Thank you, Marisa. You have inspired me and are such a special person with your passion to help people.

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