WELCOME! My name is Marisa and I am the founder of Pro Face Painting!

I am a professional face painter in the Philadelphia area.

Book your next party 1-2 months in advance!! We book up FAST!

Email ProFacePaintingOrg@gmail.com to reserve your date & time!


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  1. One of the first thing I learned from Marisa was the use of Earth Paste, a clay base tooth paste. I share this with you today because I still have my wisdom teeth, and during my senior year of college my gums surrounding my wisdom teeth would get extremely swelled up preventing me from chewing properly. Once started using this natural toothpaste, immediately I felt the relieve within minutes after brushing my teeth . Now every time my gums get swollen, it;s very little to none compared to maybe 3-4 days a year ago.


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  2. Super awesome advice. Discovered you through Arnolds Way. I love experimenting with my body and putting any type of of amazing natural chemistry in it and see how my body reponds. You are the same way. You had amazing advice about getting healthy you said don’t just do the foods do other things. I thought about fasting seen your video then researched dry fasting and was inspired. I’ve been 90-100% raw past 2 months then felt my body could handle a dry fast like you did. .. Listened to my body and got to 21 hours. My urine was so cloudy the next morning. Toxicity being released very awesome. You’re example inspired me to do more for my health. Health Rocks thanks again for the great tips!


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